Palladium 950 and Agate Cabochons Wedding Rings

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Palladium 950 and Agate Cabochons Wedding Rings

A very special beach found Agate was cut into two cabochons, one oval and smoothly polished for her and one, more masculin in shape with the top surface left untouched within the rectangular shape, for him.    I made these heavy and wide rings in Palladium 950 which is a wonderful precious metal that is hard and durable, giving me the satisfaction of achieving a beautifully bright polish that will not oxidize over time.    The bezels were hand built and soldered with very high heat to the cast rings.    Inside the settings I have fitted and added to each a plate of 14KY gold also brightly polished and the sunlight playing with the translucent agate is reflected into a warmer and richly enhanced enchanting glow.

I have entrusted Glenn Lehrer of Lehrer Designs to do the lapidary work on the agate for me.   As always, he did a beautiful job.


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