Tower Box

Triangular Sterling Silver "TREASURE BOX" with Garnet and 14KY accent Tower Box"FLOWER" Box"SNOWMAN CANDLE SNUFFER""PURPLE SPOON"Sterling Silver Spoon with RhodochrositeSterling Silver Treasure Box with Azurite Malachite

Tower Box


BXS633 "TOWER BOX, hand built one-of-a-kind treasure box made with Sterling Silver and Argentium.  Size 1-5/8 inches (41,5 mm) Tall, from the little ball feet to the scroll on the top. It is 1 inch (25 mm) wide. The top fits nicely and it pulls out.

Note: Not fit to use as a pill box in a purse but may be to hide a small treasure of your choice. If you are wondering what is ARGENTIUM, it is sterling silver with a bit of silicon in the alloy to prevent tarnishing, it is quite nice. I used it for the body of the box. The design on it was made with an inverted cone burr.


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