Portrait by the Seashore

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Portrait by the Seashore

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Original Pastel Painting
12.5" x 18"

The landscape of detail plunges me to a different world where I feel a new relationship to my subject that is spiritual and wondrous.  I chose to paint with soft pastels as I have been so attracted to the many lively colors it offers.  It also let me finger paint without getting wet.  I create textures using different hardness of pastels and work in many layers.  Just for the beak of the seagull I have used 10 different colors and shades.  The eye to me is like a jewel chased in agate pebbles. 

It is a large portrait but each small area is like a new country to be explored.  I marvel at the story it tells, the small nicks and scratches, what is it like to be a seagull around Orcas Island?                                                                                                                     Another question I often ask myself:  “What is white in the shade?” Look how dark a blue it actually became!  But you know that in “reality” it is white never the less!


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