Bord de Mer or Sea Shore Necklace

Bord de Mer or Sea Shore Necklace


NEC723 Necklace in Fine Silver, Sterling Silver, Reticulated Silver, 14KY, Turquoise Cabochon, Translucent White Opal, 4mm Sterling cable Neck Wire 18" long.

This ocean inspired necklace came to life by associating this beautiful large Turquoise cabochon with a square of Sterling Silver Mesh that I folded into a fish net shape.  I lined the edges with a Sterling Silver wire to make a smooth edge.  That meant that I had to solder each crossing of the net all the way around... Of course after I had already folded it!  Then I added the beach, translated in reticulated Silver, which has a beautifully textured feel and a wave over it hiding the neck wire to wear the pendant.  The star fish is made of 14K yellow gold over Sterling Silver.   The 14KY yellow gold Fish and translucent Opal miniature Jelly Fish caught in the net can still dangle slightly…

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