Back to Nature Necklace

Back to Nature Necklace

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This one-of-a-kind custom pendant was directly inspired by my customer's love for nature.  Each of the elements hand crafted on this elaborate piece emerged in the conversation as I was learning to know about her likes and joys.  I used Sterling Silver mailny and the pond is made with 80/20 reticulation silver which is then textured with a special technique.  The customer's huge red agate was set in Fine Silver and with careful sculpting of the edges to protect the natural druzy near the edge.  The jumping frog is made of 14KY gold.  The balls holding the free forged branche surrounding the agate setting and the flying hummingbird are also made of 14KY gold.  You can follow a silver ray of light symbolising the flight of the hummingbird.  The heron is made with the overlay technique with a double layer of Sterling Silver and patina for contrast.  Like the shadow of a heron standing near the pond. Behind it all and as a support for a hidden bail for the neck chain, is a field of overlay cut out cat tails and a little dragonfly passing by and some 14KY gold grass shining in the sun.

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