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I still have the breast pendant you gave to me after I had my breast cancer. I think of you every time I look at it and wonder how you and Richard are. Take care!
-- Jan Martin, 5/2/21

Beautiful work. I love my necklace!
-- Riitta Morton, 3/30/17

Thank you so much for making such wonderful earnings.
-- Lynne Almvig, 2/18/17

Such beautiful work!
-- Barbara Peterson, 5/8/16

Hi Marie, I have admired your work since first meeting you many years ago thru AAUW art shows. Would you be interested in designing a white gold wedding ring with diamonds for me. What would be approximate price range? Thank you, Bev
-- Beverly Maxwell, 8/13/14

So beautifully written and inspiring
-- Taous, 9/4/13

I am a good friend of Jim Gaskins. He is and or has been a student of yours. He can not stop talking about how talented you are. He told me to look at your jewelery and art work. He advised me that I would be amazed. He was right. Yor art work is simply amazing and their are no words to express the beauty of your Jewelery collection !!
-- Rosemary Funk-smallidge, 4/18/12

I met you the last few minutes of the Camino Island studio tour about a year ago. You had a booth in the small galary. I talked to you about jewelry classes. Any shows soon?
-- Jimmie Gaskins, 2/12/12

Thank you Marie-Claire. When I lost the diamond out of my wedding ring, I knew I could trust you to create a beautiful ring to replace it. It's wonderful to wear your art.
-- Joan Enslin, 1/12/12

Dear Marie-Claire, You are "Inspiration in Action"! Wow I Love your Creations, and how you have shared your Beauty,Talent & Love for your work. You are Amazingly Gifted with such a Pure Gentle Soul. Blessings, Lisa Bull
-- Lisa Bull, 4/8/11

I was looking at my wedding band and thought about you. So, I decided to look up your website. Hi Marie-Claire
-- Charlie Solo, 2/28/11

Dear Marie Claire. We say in Czech "it's always darkest under the candle". Indeed, we know each other for 15 years and here I am stunned and surprised by the beauty and precision of your paintings. I've always admired and liked your jewelry for the clean lines that allow for the materials to show and shine. Way to go!
-- Kveta Morgan, 11/6/10

Hi Marie-Claire, We have a new email address: Please add us to your address book and keep in touch. Margie & Greg
-- Margie Wilson, 10/16/10

Love your pastel paintings, especially "Reflections". Your jewelry is exquisite. -Roxanne Jaross
-- Roxanne Jaross, 4/24/10

I am sorry I missed your show at Gallery by the Bay. Your wonderful new paintings are a lovely creative addition to your beautiful jewelry. Joan Enslin, 10/01/09
-- Joan Enslin, 10/1/09

Your creations are some of the most beautiful I've seen. I could only aspire to develop the skill and creativity that goes into your works of art. I'm inspired to try to become a better jewelry designer. I don't have formal training as you did, but I hope one day to blossom and inspire others as you have me!
-- Shelley Lewis, 7/31/09

Jerry FinnYour art is exquisite. It not only looks beautiful to the viewer, it helps to make one feel beautiful... almost becoming a part of the art experience.
-- Jerry Finn, 4/2/09

Metalz and Stonez  Wow, fabulous work. I'm so glad to see more and more jewelry artists here.
-- Metalz and Stonez , 11/21/08

Hello, While you are working on my neckless I am planning my next custom jewelery project. I can't wait to see what you have done.
-- Natalie Williamson, 8/4/08

Wow! your WP looks great! I loved pieces I hadn't seen!!! Especially the pink ring!! I'm already asking Shota to buy me that fantastic ring!
-- Shota Et Kaori, 7/21/08

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