From the Series “Subconscious Paintings”, Karma is an Original Pastel Painting.
Continuing my experiment of recalling images from memory, who knows it may be a good tool to increase my memory in general and it makes me a lot more observant as well, what a joy it is to paint!  I may at some point write stories to go with each of my "Subconscious Paintings", I enjoy writing too.



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“Dream Quest of the Pink Horse” or Rêveries du Cheval Rose.


From Subconscious Painting Series “Dream Quest of the Pink Horse”, (Rêveries du Cheval Rose) is the first one.   I am fascinated by the fact that dreams are always very realistic in all aspects, form, color, everything like you see everyday in your life, your mind sees a frog or a horse or a jellyfish just as it is in nature but as soon as you wake up, if you need to paint one of those images, where is it?  What did it look like?  Why was it so clear a minute ago while you were sleeping and now it is gone!    As my night dreams are so numerous and vivid I often remember just about everything and I am exploring with pastel painting the art of RECALLING those images directly form the source of the dream (without Google’s Images’ help…).  Nothing is wrong with doing that of course but that is beside the point as this is not what I want to do.   I want to remember and be there and see and draw what my mind’s eye can remember, bit by bit with patience from the dream world.    By morning - I wish I could paint in my sleep! - ...  I would have a thousand paintings if painting was done as fast as thoughts travel.  


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