Diamond Studs


14KW - 1Ct TW Diamond Studs...  Just finished for my customer today, what a sweet incentive to get her ears pierced !


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Painting for jewelry


Back from the Show, ( Art by the Bay), I unwrapped my big painting by Joan Enslin.  We traded.  It was going to be perfect for the guest house... so I thought...  In our small house what a big painting !    Wow ! It is so beautiful it has to be right here where we can see it .   ( Unless I move to the guest house !? ) I am taking one picture down , moving another and voila right there in the dining room, I start crying it is so vibrant with joy and color a magnificent bouquet of roses I now want to put it everywhere it would be gorgeous anywhere in the house !   My whole house is uplifted I feel the radiant joy immediately it is unbelievable I just have to tell someone, too late to call Joan tonight.  "Put Art in your house and in one second lift the whole spirit to a higher level", everyone knows that , it happened to me before but not like tonight.   It took me by surprise, awesome !   Thank you Joan your Art is doing wonders.


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Thank you Marie for going beyond what is expected to to help me with my beautiful Marie-Claire designed jewelry. I am so happy with it. Thank you also for your wonderful words. Joan Enslin
-- Joan Enslin, 10/14/08

Sara What an inspiring story! I wish i had more artwork for my house, sigh... --Trade Without Fees, Create Without Limits--
-- Sara , 9/25/08

aren't you smart! and to choose a Joan Enslin......just shows what good taste you have. but I already knew that. glad you're blogging.....what funl. rosanne
-- Rosanne Cohn, 9/24/08

Chrysocolla - Malachite Earrings


ART BY THE BAY starts in just about 10 hours now and here is one of six new pieces I have created for the Show !    One of my favorite color at the moment is Chrysocolla and this piece in particular shows all it's wonderful hues.  The style of the earrings is free spirited.   

  •  I'll have to leave early on Saturday to attend my step-son's wedding,   an exciting weekend !   Hope to see you between 10 am and  1 pm on Saturday or on Sunday 10 am to 5 pm !


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Bezel set Sapphire


I just finished this custom piece yesterday, a Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet with a bezel set 1.78 Ct. Oval Ceylon Sapphire.     I am very pleased that I could find a light blue Sapphire suitable for bezel setting.  Most sapphire are just too dark to use in an closed setting and lose their charm.   This one is full of life and happy to be well protected in a smooth bezel ! 

I would have thought twice setting a Sapphire in Sterling Silver before but these are new times...


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