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Back from the Show, ( Art by the Bay), I unwrapped my big painting by Joan Enslin.  We traded.  It was going to be perfect for the guest house... so I thought...  In our small house what a big painting !    Wow ! It is so beautiful it has to be right here where we can see it .   ( Unless I move to the guest house !? ) I am taking one picture down , moving another and voila right there in the dining room, I start crying it is so vibrant with joy and color a magnificent bouquet of roses I now want to put it everywhere it would be gorgeous anywhere in the house !   My whole house is uplifted I feel the radiant joy immediately it is unbelievable I just have to tell someone, too late to call Joan tonight.  "Put Art in your house and in one second lift the whole spirit to a higher level", everyone knows that , it happened to me before but not like tonight.   It took me by surprise, awesome !   Thank you Joan your Art is doing wonders.


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Thank you Marie for going beyond what is expected to to help me with my beautiful Marie-Claire designed jewelry. I am so happy with it. Thank you also for your wonderful words. Joan Enslin
-- Joan Enslin, 10/14/08

Sara What an inspiring story! I wish i had more artwork for my house, sigh... --Trade Without Fees, Create Without Limits--
-- Sara , 9/25/08

aren't you smart! and to choose a Joan Enslin......just shows what good taste you have. but I already knew that. glad you're blogging.....what funl. rosanne
-- Rosanne Cohn, 9/24/08

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