Just came back from Japan !

A few days ago we came back from Japan. 2 weeks of fun that made me feel like I was gone 6 month !   This is a picture of me in a kimono, well the obi part which you won't believe but it actually measures 18 feet long! I was offered to wear this beautiful kimono at a very special wedding we attended in Kyushu at a place called Huis Ten Bosch that is actually a complete dutch town with brick buildings, harbors, canals and locks, hotels, restaurants, shops, wind mills, flowers everywhere and outside of it my beloved Japan, I already know I'll be back there soon.   My head is still in Japan but nevertheless...

This weekend I am holding my Annual Sale and Open House 2009, by invitations, I hope you got yours in the mail, (if not please let me know) and I am almost set up !  It opens at 1pm tomorrow !   I have a lot to show AND I am showing my original pastel paintings as well, I am really excited about it and my house is now just for 2 days, an Art Gallery !   How much fun can that be ?! :-)


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Exquisite! You must have beautiful memories that will last a life time.
-- Jerry Finn, 12/4/09

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