Late Summer Show


Camano Square Necklace
Late Summer Juried Art Exhibit at the Jansen Center in Lynden, WA

Pictured: "Camano Square Necklace" Sterling Silver and 14KY gold.  Articulated.

Join us on August 4 to celebrate the 32 artists that have been chosen for the Late Summer Juried Arts exhibit.

The launch of the exhibit will take place from 6:00-8:00 p.m., where guests will be able to get a first look at the newest pieces. The art includes mediums from painting to photography and will be on display until September 30.

Many of the artists are local and find inspiration in the Pacific Northwest landscape. Brenda Calvert, who was raised and still lives in Lynden, finds beauty all around her. The countryside, mountains, lakes and flowers of Whatcom County serve as muses for her paintings. Brenda describes her acrylic and oil paintings as “colorfully energetic with happy brush strokes.”

Aimee Eggink, an elementary art teacher from Ferndale, has four watercolor paintings in the exhibit. Aimee is inspired by the small moments of beauty in nature and people. She tries to capture the details and colors of her subjects in a natural way.

While the artists are local, many have been influenced by their travels, like Lyz Staman. Lyz calls herself an “observant traveler” and has moved 23 times. Her travels include places such as an island in the western Pacific and a 1,300-year-old village in Germany. Lyz is always armed with a small sketchbook that she draws in daily. She has an oil painting in the exhibit.

Marie-Claire Dole is another artist who has had the opportunity to see the world. Originally from Switzerland, where she graduated from L’Ecole d’art appliqué of La Chaux-de-Fonds where she earned a degree as a professional goldsmith. She has lived in Mt. Vernon since 1985, where she designs jewelry and paints. Marie-Claire describes color as a source of joy and energy for her, which translates to her work. Three of her jewelry pieces and two works with soft pastels will be on display during the Late Summer Juried Exhibit.

Artists included in the exhibit are:

Sandra Abrams
Jeff Aspnes
Colby Amadeus Barker
Hazel Breitkreutz
Linda Calkins
Brenda Calbert
Ann Chaikin
Ashley Colemen
Marie-Claire Dole
Aimee Egglink
Kay Mattson Ferris

Stephen Hunter
Gene Jaress
Tiffany Koper-Christian
Johannes Kunst
Eli Lara
Alethea Macomber
Valerie Mayer
Cristal McQueen
Joy S. Olney
Nick Payne
Sonia Ramsey

Norman Riley
Barbara Rutherford
Alan Sanders
Phoebe Smith
Lyz Staman
Debra Stern
Patricia Stigliani
Karen Theusen
Karen Ver Berg
Lynn Zimmerman.


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Arts Alive 2015 - SEE YOU at the Maple Hall!


Fordite Time Travel Necklace
One of the pieces in the show will be my “Fordite Time Travel” Necklace!   I was fooled by the name of “Detroit Agate” and realized when this intriguing stone arrived in the mail that it was not a stone at all!  By further investigations I found out that this was a beautifully “recycled” product made from old time accumulation of enameled paint in the Ford factory over years and years that was hardened enough by multiple baking to be cut into cabochons.  I decided to make the best of it by making this Ford 1959 motif with my new “stone” called Fordite or Detroit Agate!  The head lights are single cut diamonds set in 14K Rose Gold settings and the grille is a Sterling Silver mesh. The bail is also free formed in 14K Rose gold. 


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Announcing the Winner of the Drawing 2014!


Mr. Lou Petersen, winner of the drawing 2014
Last weekend was the Skagit Artist Studio Tour 2014.  I was one the Tour at my own Studio, Studio # 1.  We had a wonderful show and the drawing for the Sterling Silver Earrings created much excitement.   Sunday evening one name was picked out of the basket and the lucky winner was Mr. Lou Petersen who came to my studio today to get his price.  The "Rice Grain" Earrings are one of two pairs I made and one is still available for sale for 125.-  A matching bangle bracelet of the same pattern is also available for sale.

Sterling Silver Rice Grain Earrings

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First time showing at the River Gallery


Seasonal Pond
I'll have a series of 6 small Original Pastels in this show, please come and discover this beautiful gallery tucked in the country close to La Conner and Conway, it's a destination!    Hope to see you at the opening this Saturday! 

                                                                         RIVER GALLERY  

A showcase of over 200 small works
by 32 Artists, including paintings,
sculptures, glass and jewelry.

Saturday, September 21, 2-5PM

Gallery Hours:
Friday-Sunday September 21 to November 3
from 10AM to 5PM

Preview this show:


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New Gallery ! The Silvery Moon in Fairhaven



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Skagit Artists Together 2013 Studio Tour


Congratulations to Mrs. Margaret Daggett! She is the winner of the draw for the Rose Quartz and Jet Necklace visitors of Studio #9 at Marie-Claire Jeweler's display could enter to win! The Artists Together 2013 Studio Tour last weekend was great fun and a successful event!

Marie-Claire Jeweler @ Studio #9

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Customer Service


I like it very much when I get to renew a piece for my customers.   I offer this as a free service anytime it is needed and the pieces I made for you can always look their best and sparkle even after years and years of wear.   This Sapphire and Baguette Diamonds 14KW Ring re-polished today was created 8 or 9 years ago.  
Every 4 years or so it is a good idea to get your piece re-polished to a brand new appearance and to check the settings as well.


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Wil be showing Pastle Paintings at the
Lincoln Theater in Mount Vernon, WA in June 2012, more details to follow.
Will be present at the Seagrass Gallery on May 11th and 12th 2012 from 2-5-pm
During the Stanwood Camano Island Studio Tour!
Showing Pastel Paintings now until the end of May 2012 at the
Seagrass Gallery on Camano Island, WA
Showing Pastel Paintings now until October 2012 at
Four Springs Resort on Camano Island, WA.


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Before I start on any design involving a stone, I am used to stare at the stone and revue in my head what design I am about to create for it.   As I was holding this beautiful Turquoise Cabochon I had purchase in a Gem Show last year, I thought of water, maybe a fish on top, a salmon, a swimming trout?  Something from the sea for a bail, a simple design probably.    Then since I couldn’t make up my mind and nothing clicked… I decided to ask the stone!   “By the way…What would YOU like?”    I sat there meditating quietly and waiting for an answer.   After a little while the image of boys jumping over round boulders came in.   A Maasai boy holding a spear kept insisting in my mind’s eye.   Well, I thought, that is just my luck, I don’t know how to draw a Maasai boy, it won’t work for this project anyway, it would be too tall and what else do you have?  Nothing else came.  The stone had spoken… “ Figure it out!”  Now in a rare conversation with the stone, I said:  “Well if that is what you really want, you’ll have to help me then!”

I took my Pentel pencil and pad and started drawing the Maasai Boy as you see it on the pendant; no changes were made even though I know nothing about Maasai boys…

I transferred the drawing, after reducing it a little, on my Argentium Sterling Silver sheet and started cutting the motif with my jeweler’s hand saw, soldered a back sheet that went under the stone, made the Fine Silver bezel for the Turquoise and debated for a long time whether to use red feathers as well somewhere, as the though kept creeping in, but then it would have taken away from the stone and the bail with the boy. 

I prefer simplicity:  “Sorry stone, I also have an opinion!”   I decided to use 14KY gold for the tip of the spear and at the base of the bail and one more solid gold ball in the center on the bottom of the piece that draws you gaze right into the piece.   I am happy with the result and I have to say that a feeling of calmness and gratitude came over me when the project was complete like:  “Hey, thanks for asking, I have been waiting a very long time for this…”

It may seem far fetched to you but what if in ancient times the stone and the boy were inseparable after he found it in it’s raw form, playing around boulders with other boys, way before the cabochon you see now was shaped and sold and made it’s way to me, why else would this image been so eagerly demanding to be shown…


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"A Journey through Change"


A spiritual journey is forever changing and unfolding despite an omnipresent fear, symbolized by a hidden tiger.    The same fear becoming a source of power, strength and focus when used mindfully.  Will your journey be lost in a never ending field?  Climbing through a lush forest?  Will you follow a river to a mysterious land until you find its source?   Will the sky clear or will it be stormy?


“A Journey through Change”, (nearly finished,) will be a demo at my Studio Show this weekend! 

I am looking forward to seeing you there.


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This is so enticing; you are so fearless!! I hope all will come forward to follow this adventure.
-- Marcel Schwarb, 11/15/11

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